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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rain Go Away

I called out a fence company to come and put a 5 foot steel fence around my house. They gave me a great offer, so I gave them my address and they came out. They were in a truck that look like the one's that be at graveyards. On it were the fence poles and a hold digger. The men dug up holes around my yard, placed the poles in, and poured cement in the holes. They said they will be back in a few days if it didn't rain to finish the job. The men left the cement to dry, so the poles would stay in place when they come back.

Tonight I was outside looking at the job the guy did, and I was saying to myself, "They should be back tomorrow." Right at the end of that thought, I felt a raindrop hit my head and then another one. The next thing I knew was it was raining. I just stood there, getting soaking wet, asking myself why. I went back inside, and turned my on the the weather channel. The forecast read rain for tomorrow, Friday, and Sunday. I want to get this fence up, but I can't until it stops raining and the ground dries. Well you can't always get what you want. Especially when you want it.

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