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Monday, January 7, 2008

Chat Away

I was in an internet chat-room the other day, chatting with some people around the U.S. We was telling each other what we do for a living and about the places where we live. All of a certain this new person comes into the room. We greeted him or her, and this person replied back to us in Spanish. Next thing we knew, we were having a conversation in Spanish. But I really don't Speak much Spanish, so I asked this person in Spanish, "?Habla English?" (Do you speak English) Then poof, he or she left the room. The room started back our English conversation, and the the person came back and left over and over again. We didn't know if someone were playing with us or what. We just ignored this person, and when we all decided to leave the room, we left this trickster in their alone. If this happens again, they might get reported. People can't have a decent conversation anymore in chat-rooms anymore.

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