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Friday, August 7, 2009

Preacher Joke

There were two competing preachers, from different churches. One preacher said, "I bet you I'll have more people at my church than yours Sunday." The other preacher asked, "Are you trying to challenge me?" The other preacher said,"Yeah." So the other preacher said, "We will see."

Sunday came. The preacher who challenged the other preacher had a good showing at his church. All the pews were full, and church went on as usual. Attendance was 300. After church, the preacher decided to ride by the other preacher's church. He drove up in front of the church and saw flashing lights coming from inside. He got out the car and something which smelt like BBQ. He got up to the church doors and heard loud noises from inside. He went inside the church, and he saw homeless people, gangsters, and everybody you can think of who would be out in the streets. Some were standing up talking to each other. Some were sitting down eating BBQ. The other preacher came up to the amazed preacher and said, "Well. How many people you had today?" The preacher said, "300. How many you had?" The other preacher said, "About 600 or more came today, and people were still coming, until we ran out of BBQ.

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